Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Will power needs to be developed with discrimination. We should be strong willed with compassion and not by being obstinate. Will power really means having the courage of your convictions. Stubbornness is sticking to your point of view even when disaster is imminent. A strong willed person may stoop to conquer or acknowledge his or her mistake. A sense of justice and fair play are the hallmark of strong will power along with a pragmatic approach to life.

The stubborn will refuse to accept and see reason. The strong willed will understand the need for adjustments and act accordingly.

Ideally proper will power should developed in childhood under the guidance of the parents. As grown ups we should set small goals and seek to fulfill them. The inner satisfaction will make the effort worth while. Try it !!

Loving Truths: Will Power

Loving Truths: Will Power

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Will Power

It is part of life to face iniquities i.e. injustices, particularly when we feel that we do not deserve them. We lament, 'what have I done to deserve this?' There is no single answer to this question. Sometimes the question itself is futile because we need to concentrate our energies on overcoming the adversity. Life is like the river whcih flows on despite obstructions. We have to learn to swim with the current. What helps us to overcome is the power of the mind.

The mind is powerful if we rid it of negative thoughts. Fears and doubts are the source of negativity. Consciously their entry should be blocked. Just as we turn away unwanted people, fear and doubt should be turned away. A strong will power is needed to do this.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Tight Rope Walk

My Guru who knows all about me has rightly commented that I must practice what I write about. That is the difficult part. That is the tight rope walk of life. Like the person on the rope we need total concentration and a pole to balance our life. Along with these two we need constant practice. We should also be mentally prepared that during practice we are likely to fall.
I think the most important factor is the pole for balance. All of us need to know the pole which helps balance our life. It will vary with each person. For some it can be religion, for another family, yet for some one else it can be the talent of painting, poetry, writing etc. But the underlying factor will be LOVE for the balance of our life.
We must understand that love and not hate balances our life. We need to concentrate and develop love. This becomes possible when we remove negative thoughts and develop the power of the mind. A positive mind alone gives the impetus to rise after a fall.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Balanced Poise

We must learn to tap the laughter and the joy within us. Very often we link our happiness with some one else, which is natural, because we are social beings. But a line needs to be drawn to restrict absorbing negative feelings of others. We must learn not to become a sponge. If we remain unaffected, we can help others better. Our spirit of joy will become a source of strength to those in need.
Remaining unaffected is not easy. It needs constant practice of being alert to what thoughts enter our mind. We have to be careful of our speech also. Living a life of balanced poise helps in remaining calm. A person walking on a tight rope maintains his or her balance with a long pole in both the hands. Life is a tight rope walk.

Monday, March 22, 2010

We are all blessed to experience the joy of the spirit. We experience this joy on recieving unexpected kindness. Our spirit is joyful when we learn to give quietly. It is very easy to sign a cheque for a charitable organisation but it is more difficult to help a neighbour at his or her time of need. We are in the habit of rendering help when it suits us. Sometimes, a smile, a few kind words or controlling our temper is enough for us to connect with another person. Simple acts of kindness are sufficient to give joy to both the giver and the reciever.
It may appear difficult in the beginning. But if we change our mindset and learn to tune in, we will feel inner peace. It becomes easy if we imagine that the person we are helping is someone close to us.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Joy Of The Spirit

The universe exists and functions on the thirst for momentary pleasure which all species crave for. The desire for love, caring and sharing helps all species to propagate their race. Human beings with their infinitely vast and superior intelligence are no exception. But to be caught in the mire of sensual pleasures throughout one's life is being ignorant of the joys of the spirit.
Unlike other species, we humans are capable experiencing the pleasures of the world and inner bliss. The joy of the spirit can be understood only by experiencing it. It is being happy with your own self. A baby whose basic needs are cared for is happy and playful on its own. The needs of the body have to be fulfilled but beyond that is feeling the universal consciousness with which we are all linked. This consciousness has been termed as God and God has been stifled in the parameters of religion.
We can all feel and often we do feel oneness with this consciousness. When we are half asleep, or feel totally relaxed, when we are content with life as it is-----these and many other moments help us unite with this consciousness and that is when we feel the joy of the spirit. This joy is beyond the senses, unrelated to objects and fills us with calm peace.